Moving Rate

Begins when we start your move and ends when we finish your move.

Truck + 1 Man
Mon - Fri $120 p/h
Saturday $140 p/h
* Minimum 1 hour, charged in half hour increments after the first hour.

Covers travel to and from your move, within the standard service area.

Truck + 1 Man
Mon - Fri $100 fixed
Saturday $120 fixed
* Once off, fixed charge.

Your Move Includes

Moving trolley
How Much Will It Cost?

Estimate the cost of your move if you know roughly how long your load, unload and travel will take.

Hours Mon - Fri Saturday
1.0 $220 $260
1.5 $280 $330
2.0 $340 $400
2.5 $400 $470
3.0 $460 $540
3.5 $520 $610
4.0 $580 $680

Request a quote, and we'll send you an estimate within 24 hours.

If your move takes longer than the time quoted, you pay for the time quoted and any additional time your move takes.

Unfortunately we don't offer two-man moving service. We are a one-man moving service focusing on small moves. For a two-man move please visit Moving Men.

The call-out fee covers the cost of getting to and from your move. It is a once off fixed charge and is seperate to the hourly rate.


Cargo Van is open Monday to Saturday and we're on the move from 9am – 4pm.

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Payment can be made with cash, eftpos, Visa & Mastercard, and must be made by the completion of your move. Credit card payments do not incur a surcharge.

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Request a quote, and we'll send you an estimate within 24 hours.

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